Group Rides

Group Rides

No ride this week!



  • Sundays @ 8:30am

  • All rides leave from the shop
    unless noted otherwise

  • Depending on the amount of people
    on the ride we will be 1-2 groups

  • Rides are typically between 25-35 miles

  • Anyone is welcome to join!

  • We will bring some stuff for repairs
    but please bring your own repair kit!


  • This is a basic list of things
    to bring on the ride!

  • Make sure to bring enough water
    and some food!

  • Also make sure to at least bring
    a spare tube and tire levers

  • Suggested but not necessary:
    C02 cartridge, patch kit, multi-tool,
    possibly a spare chain link

  • If you're unsure about something feel
    free to ask!